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I found Scott here on Yelp, and was very happy he’s been available to help me. I’m taking Stats 100 at Penn State World Campus, a difficult class to take online. I was behind when I contacted Scott, we spent about 6 hours in 1 week getting me caught up, a week before an exam, but it was well worth my time since I scored in the top 10% of the class on the exam.

Scott has a good understanding of the subject, he looks over the material before our meetings, and he’s a step ahead of me when we meet. I certainly appreciate his patience and the clarity with which he explains things.

I would definitely recommend Scott as a tutor, he keeps convenient hours, comes to you and he’s a personable, pleasant individual. Give him a call.

-Irma A., San Diego, Penn State World Campus

Hands down the best tutor around. I will forever be in contact with Scott in case I need any extra math help. No questions asked Scott will meet you at any location that works best for you.

– Chris M., Miramar College student

Scott’s help in math tutoring was a great resource to me when I was
slogging through one of the 3 algebra courses that I had to take for
my major in Computer Science. Since then I’ve found it much easier to understand the underlying logic of Algebra and have gone on to complete my higher math courses, such as Discrete Mathematics. If you’re looking for a tutor to get you through a math course you would be hard pressed to find better help elsewhere. Scott is able to not only help you on your current course but is also able to aid you in understanding the logic of mathematics, which in itself will make it much easier to move through any of the higher level course you may need to complete.

– Kyle Franco, Computer Science Major, University of Illinois

I called Math on Wheels when studying for the quantitative portion of the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) exam. Having been out of school for more than 25 years my confidence level and ability was not high. Scott responded to my call quickly and met me in person. He was able to explain key concepts I had been struggling with in minutes. His personable and encouraging demeanor helped me to focus on the work. In addition, Scott suggested I send photos of difficult math problems after our session, if needed. Knowing that I can contact Scott when I get stuck has helped tremendously. I highly recommend Math On Wheels!

– Eli J., English Major, Oceanside

Scott was very helpful to my grandson. My grandson is a senior and grades are very important to him. We, my husband and I, had him check with his teachers for help. But the classrooms are to over whelmed with student that need help. Teachers can not keep up with the demand. My grandson was having a difficult time with algebra and Scott was able to give the much needed individual help he needed to raise his grade, and give him the understanding he needs to go onto collage.

– Joanne M., for Mira Mesa High School student